Terence Kernaghan MPP, London North Centre

Government of Ontario


Constituents can download petitions here or obtain paper copies at my constituency office. They can be returned by mail or delivered in person.

Stop Education Cuts! - Sign our online petition to stop the cuts to our schools that will lead to bigger class sizes with fewer teachers.
You can download a paper copy here.

Save Our Health Care! - Sign our online petition to tell the government to fix hallway medicine and stop privatizing our health care! You can download a paper copy here.

Stop Cuts to OSAP - Sign our online petition to reverse OSAP cuts, protect existing tuition grants, and reinstate the six-month grace period after graduation. You can download a paper copy here.

Support Ontario Families with Autism - Invest in equitable, needs-based autism services for all children who need them.

Stop Cuts to Legal Aid - Ensure that low-income Ontarians have access to justice.

Affordable Housing - Commit to building new affordable homes and make the necessary repairs to existing social housing. 

Stop Mental Health Cuts - Immediately reverse the cuts to mental health services and make sure that all Ontarians regardless of age or income can get the support they need.

Invest in FASD Diagnostic Capacity - Invest in FASD diagnostics, treatment options, and supports to help families of children with FASD. 

Support Urgent Funding for Housing in London - Ask that the government immediately release emergency funds to London’s homelessness prevention system. 

More Than a Visitor - Call on the government to implement a caregiver strategy to ensure long-term care and other congregate care residents aren't denied access to their designated caregivers and families.

Stop Disturbing Anti-Abortion Images - Call on the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to block disturbing anti-abortion images on our streets and in our mailboxes.

Protect Borrowers - Stop predatory payday lenders from exploiting vulnerable Londoners by enacting capped interest rates.

Support Rent Stabilization - Help us close loopholes and stop skyrocketing rent with the Rent Stabilization Act: Pay what the last tenant paid