Terence Kernaghan MPP, London North Centre

Government of Ontario

The Rent Stabilization Act: Pay what the last tenant paid

Ontario is in a housing crisis. Nearly half of Ontarians pay unaffordable rental housing costs, meaning they spend more than a third of their income on rent. It's getting harder and harder for families and individuals to find an affordable place to rent or stay in their units. Average rent in London increased 33% last year, the highest rate of increase in any city in Canada.  

Doug Ford ended rent control on all new units in 2018, leading to huge rent increases. Previous governments chose vacancy decontrol for Ontario – which means when one tenant leaves or is evicted, the landlord can raise the rent as much as they want for the next tenant. We must get rid of it.


We can close loopholes and stop skyrocketing rent with the Rent Stabilization Act. If passed, the legislation would stop rents from skyrocketing and end the current incentive for landlords to unfairly evict tenants just so they can jack up the rent. This bill is co-sponsored by MPP Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale), MPP Joel Harden (Ottawa Centre) and MPP Terence Kernaghan (London North Centre).

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