Terence Kernaghan MPP, London North Centre

Government of Ontario

Statement from London MPPs on The Forgotten 519

Published on July 29, 2022

LONDON – London MPPs Peggy Sattler (London West), Teresa Armstrong (London—Fanshawe), and Terence Kernaghan (London North Centre) issued the following statement in response to the hunger strike planned by The Forgotten 519:
“Everyone should have the right to a decent place to live. People living in encampments deserve to be treated with decency and receive the support they need. The crisis of poverty and homelessness in London is complex and worsening, but it’s clear that police enforcement is not the solution. We urge the City of London to take the demands of The Forgotten 519 seriously. The group consists of frontline service providers who have a deep and compassionate understanding of the challenges faced by people in encampments, and their motivation is only to reduce harm, prevent trauma and save lives.
Doug Ford has done nothing but let this crisis grow. As provincial representatives, we’re calling on the government to make urgent investments in affordable and supportive housing, shelters and programs that support low-income Londoners. Ford must act immediately to raise Ontario’s shamefully low social assistance rates far higher than the promised five per cent, a meagre increase that will just keep people in legislated poverty. He must make sure the City of London has sufficient funding for critical housing, anti-poverty, and public health initiatives, including mental health and addition supports, in order to save lives. Londoners need urgent action from their provincial government. Ford cannot continue to ignore the housing and poverty crisis here and in so many communities across the province.”