Terence Kernaghan MPP, London North Centre

Government of Ontario

Official Opposition celebrates Pride flag raising 2022

Published on June 20, 2022

QUEEN’S PARK – Following the Pride Month flag raisings at Queen’s Park, MPP Terence Kernaghan (London North Centre) released the following statement:
“Happy Pride! I am proud to stand in solidarity with 2SLGBTQIA+ people across the province to celebrate the beautiful diversity of the community. 
In celebrating Pride month, we also acknowledge the battles queer, two-spirited and trans people have had to fight for the rights 2SLGBTQIA+ folks have today; and that hatred, discrimination and prejudice still persist in our communities, our systems and our institutions. 2SLGBTQIA+ community members continue to face public services that aren’t affirming, like health care and long-term care, and find it harder seek employment and economic opportunities. Queer and trans folks still face violence at disproportionately high rates. For too many queer and trans youth, coming out leads to being kicked out of your home.

There’s still so much work left to be done. 
We will keep fighting to make sure PrEP and all transition-related medications are fully covered by OHIP, and to improve access to primary and secondary gender affirming surgeries and transition related procedures, right here in Ontario. We’re also committed to long-term care that ensures 2SLGBTQIA+ seniors can age with Pride. And we’re committed to building a comprehensive 2SLGBTQIA+ youth homelessness strategy.
This year we’re excited to finally be able to celebrate Pride festivities and celebrations safely together again. All month, I'm excited to keep celebrating people’s truth, marching for rights, fighting for better and affirming that love is love.
Happy Pride!"