Terence Kernaghan MPP, London North Centre

Government of Ontario

Government's first actions hit the most vulnerable the hardest

Published on November 5, 2018
QUEEN’S PARK – MPP for London North Centre Terence Kernaghan says that the Ford government's first moves have targeted Ontario's most vulnerable.

"In London, the heating, cooling, and lighting in our social housing is decades old and in dire need of replacement," said Kernaghan. "As a result of the government's cancellation of cap and trade, over $8 million in vital funding for the Social Housing Apartment Improvement Program and GreenON Social Housing Program is now lost."

"Family shelters in our city are at 219 per cent capacity, but the government is content to point fingers at the federal government and single out refugees instead of working towards solutions."

"The government is taking things from bad to worse for people in Ontario - his government has cut $100 million budgeted for school repairs, $330 million per year from funding for mental health services and cancelled the basic income pilot program."

"These cuts have been particularly damaging to those who are already struggling. And as if that weren't enough, now Ontarians on social assistance will see a 50 per cent cut on their scheduled increase. Why is this government targeting the most vulnerable in Ontario?"